About us

BIND_logoNeuroscientists have been investigating isolated parts of the brain for more than a century. However, recent studies have clarified that, although the function of every brain area is highly specialized, the information it processes is dependent on its precise connections with other areas in different parts of the brain. Functional interactions between different brain areas have been largely overlooked till recently, but in the last years there has been a growing interest on brain connectivity. This can provide us with novel, crucial information on how the brain works in healthy people, and how its function can be altered and produce behavioral deficits.

Our group investigates neuronal communication in large-scale networks at a variety of temporal and spatial scales, combining a set of different techniques, such as magnetic resonance imaging, electroencephalography and magnetoencephalography. Our research endeavor is expected to deliver advanced brain imaging methods for neuroscientists studying different aspects of brain organisation, as well as long-needed theoretical foundations and tools supporting individualized treatment of neurological and psychiatric patients.

Our research activities, as well as our publications, are funded by:FWO_Logo_CMYK